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THINK Together Student Attendance Guidelines
To comply and ensure the effectiveness of our program, elementary students should participate in a full day of program every day when the student has attended school. Excessive absences could result in dismissal from program, and enrollment will be given to the next student on our waiting list. To receive the full benefit of the program, your child is encouraged to stay until 5:50.

All authorized adults must be over the age of 18. Please have them bring a valid ID upon first time they sign out your child.

Early Release Policy
Your child may be picked up before 5:50pm for any of the following reasons:

1. A Non-THINK Together enrichment activity (attending programs in the school or community centers such as soccer, basketball, Catechism, etc.)

2. Academic support (working with student’s teacher after school, tutoring, etc.)

3. Family emergency (such as death in family, catastrophic incidents, etc.)

4. Weather conditions

5. Medical Appointments

6. Child Accident/Illness

7. Transportation

8. Release due to early darkness “dark 30” (Early release for students/parents
who walk home)

9. Other reason (in best interest of child)

Note: Any evidence of the following may be required upon the Site Coordinator’s request. Parents must code the reason for the early release on the attendance sheet using the codes above.

Please notify SC or PL if your student will be absent. It is expected that all THINK students attend program when school is in session. If available, please sign out your student rather than opting to have an absence for the day.